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At Smart Mortgage Centers we are proud to offer our customers some of the best mortgage rates available anywhere. Combined with our excellent service and commitment to our borrowers it is a package that's hard to beat.

Because most loan scenarios are different we can only quote rates by phone. We offer a wide varieity of programs and home loan products such as adjustable rate mortgages, USDA loans, jumbo loans, and various fixed rate products. We encourage you to call one of our licensed home loan professionals for a free, no obligation rate quote and consultation for your unique scenario.

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Lenders typically offer the lowest mortgage rates for those loans which they perceive to be the least risky. For example, a low risk loan might include borrowers who have excellent credit, and who are financing 75% or less of the value of their property. If you do not fit into this box don't worry - the US government, in the interest of promoting home ownership and strengthening the economy, has created government insured loan programs. These include FHA loansVA mortgages, and USDA loans. These products allow borrowers, even those with less than perfect credit, to borrow up to 80-100% of their homes' value while still receiving some of the best mortgage rates available.

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