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Mortgage Brokers Offer More Options

Finding a reputable local Mortgage Broker doesn’t have to be hard.  For over two decades Smart Mortgage Centers has helped clients with all of their home purchase and refinancing needs.  Every client we service is assigned to a licensed Mortgage Broker who will begin the pre-qualification stage.  From pre-qualification to closing our clients work one on one direct with the same Mortgage Broker.  To simplify things, our Mortgage Brokers will meet you in our office, or a location of your choice.  Too Busy? Don’t worry we have online mortgage technology in place to get home loans completed quickly.  Online applications, secure document uploads and electronic signatures will get you to the closing table in no time. 

We know our clients want to close fast, so be sure to check out our estimated closing times for home buyers and refinancing.  The biggest benefit of using a Mortgage Broker would include, shopping multiple lenders to find the lowest rates with one phone call.  Since each borrower is different, creditworthiness will determine what program option is the best. By offering every loan option available, Smart Mortgage Centers is able to service excellent to poor credit score ratings.

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